Hi, I'm Simon,

from Dublin, Ireland.

Hi, I'm Simon,

from Dublin, Ireland.

I’m a Digital Designer with a background in Art, Marketing and Financial Services.
Currently turning ideas into strategies as a UX/UI/Product Designer with Aer Lingus.

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Web Design Services

With over 15 years experience, I can provide guidance on the best-practices for all stages of web development.


Website Design

It’s more important than ever to have a professional digital presence… Government lockdowns and the resulting economic shift to online trading have demonstrated how well-prepared businesses can benefit from web, mobile and social media. The ability to continue trading online has sustained some businesses through the pandemic and has helped others to thrive.

Some business owners can be naturally hesitant to get started on developing a website because they do not understand some of the technicalities and jargon around web. But the basics are not rocket science and everyone has to start somewhere. I can plug any knowledge gaps and help you take the first steps to get online.

I can advise you on best-practices, an appropriate website strategy and available state supports (Get online Trading Vouchers). So regardless of your level of technical proficiency, you can benefit from a funded, personalised, collaborative and guided creative design process. You will gain the confidence to manage and publish your own customised content and – at all times, you will have complete control over the information you want to share publically and with your customers.

Having ‘a’ website’ or an obsolete website is simply not good enough these days. Websites act as an online ambassador for your business and convey a professional business attitude, so it’s important to stand out from the crowd. Your website should always;

  • Look professional
  • Be user-focused
  • Be appropriately branded
  • Be well researched
  • SEO optimised
  • Reliable
  • Developed using the most up-to-date technologies
  • Use high-speed, reliable platforms adhere to appropriate security and compliance standards.