As technology and society continue to become more digital – and integrated into our daily lives, the screen is becoming the most important place in the world. Whatever your business, ‘chances are that your customers engage with your brand significantly, and often entirely, through the screens of phones and laptops.

Finding the right way to let your customers know what you’re about and what makes you different is a huge challenge. So having the right message, for the right audience, at the right touchpoint – has never been more crucial.

A good Brand design process takes a deeper look into your brand, your business and style, to identify your own unique narrative – which becomes the backbone for all of your brand storytelling.

The outcome: A strategy that brings everything together – brand story, strategic goals, customers & communication.

It’s essential to establish a clear connection between your brand and your audience. Good and appropriate design makes communication effortless, whilst poor or unclear design can very easily turn users off.

Branding is not just cosmetic. It is the perception you build across multiple touchpoints over time. It takes a consistent and continuous process of work and behaviours for a brand to evolve and keep the desired perception.

I’ve worked with global brands, SME’s, entrepreneurs and non-profits to help them define what they stand for and bring a visual voice to their brand.

Here are a collection of brands I have personally developed or have worked with on a brand level;