Aer Lingus Flight Search

Client:     Aer Lingus
Role:        UX/UI/Product Designer
Date:       2018-2019

The Aer Lingus Booking flow is responsible for generating over 80% of business revenue per year.

A 2015 version of the flow was descoped to meet challenging deadlines and this meant an initial MVP was never properly updated to become mobile friendly and accessibility compliant. In addition, the old version of the flow did not follow evolving best-practices in terms of behaviours and messaging. A number of new business and retail requirements had also been introduced – new routes, responsiveness and a rebrand project. So in 2018, a full redesign of the Aer Lingus flight search and booking flow was required.

For this case-study, I have focused less on the UX process, which is explained in more detail here, and focused more on UI deliverables and the hi-fidelity designs I provided to developers to demonstrate states, business rules and design rationale.