Web Strategy

What is your website for? What is it trying to do? Who are your audience? A focused Web Strategy is a long-term, strategic business plan for how to create and develop an online presence for specific purposes.

Before embarking on any web development project, proper consideration needs to be given to the requirements, direction, size, scale and cost of a web development plan. A web strategist will typically work for or with a business to devise, develop and oversee how a business establishes and grows its presence.

A web strategy goes beyond just aesthetic presentation but also involves the work and processes of trying to make websites user-friendly, navigable, work fast and perform well overall in order to provide a seamless user experience. Much of this work is technical and takes place ‘under the bonnet’, so it can help business owners who are not technically minded to have someone who can explain the requirements of an end-to-end development project.

Even for small to medium sized businesses, where requirements can be basic, it helps to have an appropriate plan from the start to ensure timelines are understood and projected costs are known and kept within budget.

With over 15 years experience in web design and development, I’ve worked on projects of all shapes and sizes. I can provide guidance on web strategy and best practices to make sure all decisions are correct, cost-effective and appropriate for your business.

For a more in-depth look, you can view the process followed on a large scale web development project here.


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